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January 20, 2008

CNC software is probably cnc’s most important tool or resource.
Just was released Mastercam’s Maintenance that delivers enhanced toolpath control
CNC Software releasing the second Maintenance release for Mastercam X2 and CNC Software announces the release of MR2 Mastercam X2’s Maintenance Release. This release introduces significant new capabilities, including new and improved toolpaths for high speed machining, multiaxis enhancements, and much more.

Multiaxis Enhancements
Some powerful enhancements are included in the advanced multiaxis toolpaths. For example, allows the toolpath motion to be optimized by completing one region before moving on to another, and expanded entry and exit macros that greatly simplify contacting and leaving the material.

Peel Milling Toolpath
Delivers powerful high speed cutting to 2D projects, this new toolpath moves the tool in and “peels” away material, layer by layer.

Operations Manager
The Ccam Operations Manager panel can float to a different area of the graphics window or to a separate screen when you are working with dual monitors.

Creating a Boundary Function
The Create Boundary function greatly expands cad Mastercam’s toolpath boundary creation, restricting the toolpath to highly specific areas. It can calculate the boundary using shallow areas, theoretical rest areas, cutter contact areas, and enhanced silhouette boundary controls and more.

Swept Surfaces
New techniques and options have been added more sweep orientation control options, greater flexibility in the use of multiple along and cross curves.

MR2 Enhancements
You can now define horizontal block drill stations in the machine definition rather than using an aggregate, set up different views for each station.
Common edge optimization in nesting is now supported. Nesting toolpaths so that they have common edges saves both time and money.
At the Level Manager can now be moved to a second monitor and left open. You can also hide all geometry except what is on the main level, or display a range of levels in the Level Manager grid.
Donload de last CNC software

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