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The World’s Biggest Crane

November 21, 2008
AL.SK90 one of the biggest machines in the World

AL.SK90 one of the biggest machines in the World

In September 2008 Abnormal Load Engineering unveiled the world’s highest capacity land based crane. Designed and built by ALE’s Research & Development Unit in Breda, Netherlands, the crane has a capacity to lift 4,300 tonnes.

Intended for use in the engineering construction, nuclear and offshore fabrication industries, the crane can be dismantled and shipped around the world in standard 20ft and 40ft shipping containers.

In what is a first for a crane of this type, it can be relocated on site fully rigged saving considerable time during the construction schedule of major projects. The ability to lift heavy loads at large distances allows
engineers to complete foundations and pipe racks in advance of major equipment installation.
FPSO construction benefits from the ability to build much larger process packages and install them from the land side without relying on floating cranes or relocating the hull within the limited radius of conventional

Specifications of the crane:
Load Moment: 96,000 tonne metres
Lifting Capacity: 4,300te using a strand lift system.
Lifting Capacity: 600te with a quick winch system.
Main Mast: 61 – 130 metres.
Lifting Speed: 10m per hour using a strand lift system and 150m per hour using the winch system.
Slewing Speed: 28m per hour loaded and 50m per hour unloaded.



The New Dual table CNC by Milltronics

November 19, 2008

“Keep your CNC operator busy every moment”. Based in this concept Milltronics Manufacturing Company has increased up production on its newly designed Dual or Twin Table TT Series machining centers to meet the increasing customer demands.
This unique CNC machine design offers two separate work tables that shuttle outside the working area for convenient part loading while the opposite work table is inside the machining enclosure cutting parts. Finished the machining operation, the individual work tables shuttle the completed parts out and the next table enters the work area for machining, creating a non-stop machining cycle.
The rigid cast iron bridge design of the TT24 and TT40 CNC machines utilizes a single set of linear ball or roller ways with independent ball screws and axes motors for table control providing superior accuracy and cutting performance. Enhancement of the TT’s cutting performance is provided through an Inline spindle, available standard at 10,000 RPM or optional 15,000 RPM. With 1600 IPM rapid traverse rates on the TT24 and TT40, high RPMs, high speed double arm ATC on the TT24 and TT40, plus the elimination of spindle down time for part loading typical of conventional machining centers, the TT CNC Series raises a new meaning to Lean Manufacturing.
These machines are available in three sizes, the TT24 with a 24″ square work envelope, the TT40 with a 40″ square work envelope, and the TT60 with twin 60×80″ tables, the TT Series machines deliver a new level of cost effective machining to small and large shops alike.
These are some TT24’s characteristics or features according to Milltronics:
-Fully integrated twin pallet machine with a unique design requiring no pallet removal
-Conversational programming with Milltronics CNC control
-Inline spindle design – 24 HP standard with 35 HP option
-Reduced cycle times due to no part loading time
-100% cast iron design with 10,000 lb machine weight
-1600 ipm rapids
-24 pocket tool changer standard
-Large memories for part storage and execution
-Ground ball screw construction
True encoder positioning feedback
-Graphic program verification
-No leaning into the machine!
-No doors to open and close!
-No time lost changing parts!
-Accurate time management
-Superior chip and coolant control
-Designed and built by American craftsmen.

Wood Working

November 12, 2008

Though working with metals was the big gate at first for the new CNC technology lately, the CNC machines has been taking a real place not only in production of industrial mechanical parts but even carving complex fine art parts in different materials such plastics, glass, wood, etc. This picture is a clear and simple example of how a machine (CNC router) following a CAD software has produced an artistic work in wood carving the wheels inclusive.